Presented here is a sampling systems and subsystems developed by ISL engineers.  These systems are still in use today.

Heavy Load Transporter
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This system transports loads up to 200 tons.  The device uses 8 wheel-sets (16 wheels) that steer in coordination to allow any directional or rotational motion.  The device can also lower, drive underneath, and lift objects for transporting. 



Aircraft Testing System (Boeing, BVCD)

ISL developed two systems for Boeing to run electronic and manual tests on 747s and 777s at final assembly.  These FAA approved multi-computer systems perform over 10,000 airplane tests.



Flexible Holding Fixture (Boeing, FHF)

ISL developed the Flexible Holding Fixture, a twelve-axis tool that holds 737 fuselage components in place for drilling.  This system works in conjunction with a gantry drill and is also fully integrated into the Boeing's quality control and productivity programs. 



Wing Spar Holding Fixture (Boeing, ASAT)

ISL upgraded four separate five-axis control systems for Boeing's 767 wing-spar riveting systems.



Automatic Snowboard Driller (K2)
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ISL developed this machine to automatically convey snowboards into the machine, then locate and spot-drill the holes to expose helicoils hidden within the board. 



Ground Liner 
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Vehicle/system for laying ground liner



Pod Sprayer 

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Fiberglass spray- up device with articulating head.





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Actuating Pallet Shuttle


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Resin Transfer Mold Valve


RTM Valve.jpg (178093 bytes)

This RTM valve allows remote automatic operation of RTM molds without climbing into the press to insert the guy into the injection port.