About ISL

Company Profile and Personnel
ISL is an engineering company that specializes in the design, development, installation, integration and maintenance of industrial automation systems. We have served as prime, subcontractor and consultants in industries including aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, electronics, civil engineering, as well as other process industries. Our customers include Boeing, Ford and Sony.

We keep ISL lean.  Our facilities are simple and all our employees are directly involved in the entire project process; the same engineers that design the systems also manage, develop and deliver them.  

ISL team members have worked together for decades.  As close associates who understand each other’s talents and strengths, we have honed and proven our ability to design and develop in parallel to complete projects quickly.


  This simple approach and strong unity results in rapid development and cost savings for the customer.

Development Process
We believe that the key to creating a good, solid system design is to fully understand a customer's needs, constraints, history in the industry, existing processes—everything that will ultimately drive the correct design of the system.  So we listen and learn.  Then we work closely with our customers to form the design specification—trading ideas, building on customer experience and clearly explaining and confirming our thinking.  The final design specification will meet the needs of the project—concise, to the point, useful and cost-effective.

As the system is built, designs will be refined—an evolution we closely log and communicate to the customer to give them quantification and satisfaction for time taken and dollars spent. 

Fabrication Partners
Fabrication is outsourced.  With so many variables in any given project, there is no one machine shop or fabricator that will be the best fit for all projects—not even an internal machining/fabricating division.  ISL keeps longstanding close relationships with a wide range of machine shops and fabrication companies throughout the US—many of whom ISL has previously partnered with to developed systems.  ISL works closely with its customers to first select the best manufacturing services for a specific project, and then ISL positions itself to best meet its customer’s needs—whether that be as prime contractor, subcontractor, or consultant.  The customer does not have to fit our structure—we fit theirs.